We are guided by a gentle rhythm for the day, week, and year.  This rhythm helps children to feel secure because they know what is happening next and what to expect from each day!  Transitions are guided through song.

Daily Rhythm

9:00    Arrivals and outside play

9:15 Circle Time

9:30  Inside play and activity

10:20 Clean up time

10:30 Snack

10:45  Story

11:00  Goodbyes


Ongoing activities include painting, drawing, modeling with clay, beeswax, or dough, nature-based crafts, baking, and movement games.

Our indoor space is peaceful and warm, and children just feel at home here.  We have open-ended toys to support creative play, mostly made of natural materials such as wood, wool and silk.  A nature table is created with the children as they find special treasures to bring in and display.

Circle and Story

We gather each day for a circle time of songs, poems, movement, and fingerplays.  This is a lovely time of day as we come together to take an imaginative seasonal journey.  We sing of picking apples in the fall, we become the little leaves falling from the trees, and in the spring we crawl about as little caterpillars and transform into beautiful butterflies floating through the air!  We also gather for storytelling before leaving each day, for a story or puppet play based on traditional fairy tales, folk tales, our nature themes, or upcoming celebrations.

Each circle is repeated for about a month, and each story for two weeks, so that the children can learn all of the songs, poems, and stories by heart.  Children welcome this repetition and opportunity for mastery, and the rich and rhythmical language and movement provide a basis for future literacy skills.

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