Happy Honeybee Playschool is a Waldorf-inspired program, centered around the children’s needs for imaginative play and a connection to nature.

We are guided by a gentle rhythm for the day and week.  Rhythm helps children feel secure and allows them to immerse themselves in creative play because they know that after outside time we will come in for circle and then have snack and so on.  We move at a gentle pace and sing throughout the day.

Play is the foundation of our program!  We offer  bountiful opportunities for creative, open-ended play because this  allows children to develop the problem-solving, relational, motor, and  creative thinking skills that they will need throughout life.

Academic skills are not explicitly taught at this age, but a strong foundation is laid through the rich language and repetition of stories, music, poetry, fingerplays, and movement, through imaginative play, through time spent in nature and celebration of the seasons and through artistic and sensory experiences.

Observation and experimentation are a natural part of children’s daily play, as are counting, creating or recognizing patterns, rhyming, memorizing nursery rhymes and songs, developing control of the hand muscles (fine motor skills), establishing balance, strength and coordination of the large muscles of the body (gross motor skills), practicing the difficult art of communicating and playing with other people, and coming up with creative solutions to a diversity of problems.  These daily play experiences provide a strong and natural foundation in literacy, numeracy, and creative thinking.

We  play outdoors every day and in all weather!  We walk in the rain and romp in the sun.   This time outdoors is so  valuable for the children.  Among other things, it allows them to move  their bodies, to engage in a wide range of sensory experience, and to  feel the slow movement of the seasons.  Our circle times, stories, baking, crafts, and special celebrations all reflect a seasonal theme so that the children are grounded in a connection to nature and a yearly rhythm.

read about our RHYTHM and Enrollment


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