Christmas Around the World {Sweden}

God Jul! (Good Yule!)

Beth told us about Saint Lucia.  here’s a nice story that’s appropriate for children:

A very long time ago there was a beautiful young woman named Lucia. 
Lucia was loved by her parents and her neighbors and her friends. She 
was so beautiful than many young men wanted to marry her. Lucia, 
however, loved Goodness more than anything else. When a young 
gentleman gave her jewelry, she sold her jewels and gave the money to 
the poor. Once, Lucia heard that there were people hiding in the 
Catacombs. They were good people who had to hide from the wicked 
Emperor. Many families and children were down, far underground, in 
the deep, dark Catacombs. When Lucia heard, she began smuggling food 
to these people. Because the catacombs had long, dark tunnels, Lucia 
put a ring of candles on her head so she could carry bread in both 
her hands.
Because of her goodness and beauty, the people made her a Saint when 
she died.

Many years later, there was a terrible famine in the city where Lucia 
had lived. No ships had come to bring food, so the people were 
desperate and starving. They went to the cathedral near the seashore 
to pray for help. It was Santa Lucia’s feast day – today! Suddenly, 
someone looked out the window and could see a ship coming from far 
away. A great cry of surprise went up, and everyone ran down to the 
seashore to see what was coming. It was indeed a great ship full of 
food, and there at the mast stood Lucia – radiant and dressed in 
white, with a wreath of candles at her head and a red sash at her 
waist, carrying a beautiful tray full of food. When the ship landed 
it had enough food for a whole year! But when they went to look for 
Lucia, she was nowhere to be found…


In Sweden, the Tomten bring the Christmas gifts.  The family leaves out a bowl of porridge with butter on top instead of cookies and milk on Christmas Eve.  Tomten are believed to take care of a farmer’s home and children and protect them from misfortune, in particular at night, when the housefolk were asleep. they mysteriously do someone a favour, such as hanging up ones laundry.  They are often imagined as a small, elderly man (size varies from a few inches to about half the height of an adult man), often with a full beard and a big nose.  They live in barns, pantries, floorboards and attics.


   We listened to the Saint Lucia Processional song from the American Girls Christmas CD.  here’s the words in English:

Lucia is coming this midwinter night, when all is dark and cold. 

She’s coming and wearing a crown of light.

She wishes for piece at Christmastime.

She’s bringing you light and joy.



For lunch, we ate Swedish pancakes.  yum!


enlarge picture for the recipe:


for the craft, we made wheat ornaments by soaking the wheat stalks and then braiding them and tying a yarn bow around it.  and yes, I actually crocheted the bow. (I know how to do a chain stitch…lol)



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One Response to Christmas Around the World {Sweden}

  1. Tammy says:

    We’ve only learned a tiny little bit about this celebration and I look forward to teaching the girls more about it next year.

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