Christmas Around the World {Germany}

 Frohe Weihnachten! (Merry Christmas!)

Saint Nicholas arrives in Germany on December 6th with his donkey and faithful Servant Ruprecht.  you can google the story if you want to.

 Beth told two stories of how the Christmas tree came to be…

Martin Luther and The Christmas Tree

One German legend claims that Martin Luther was responsible for introducing the use of Christmas trees in the home, in Germany. According to the legend, on his way home one evening, Martin Luther was so overcome by the beauty of a fir tree and stars in the sky, he wanted to tell his family about it. However, upon returning home, words failed him, so he went out and chopped the down and brought it home to share with his family. To mimic the stars that hung over the manger where Christ was born, Martin Luther decorated the tree with candle tapers. This was thought to be the first traditional Christmas tree in Germany.

the other story was of the Christkindl (Christ child).  a man was walking home from mass with only a piece of bread with him.  he saw a small child that wore only a nightgown and asked him for something to eat.  she told him that if he gave her the bread and accepted a pine tree branch from him, the tree would have fruit and nuts on it when he woke up.  the next morning his family awoke to the tree full of fruit and nuts and so they were not hungry.  
In Germany, the Christkindl comes in through the open window and decorates the tree and leaves presents.  what a sweet way to bring Christ back into Christmas.
since we talked about Christmas trees, We sang  O Tannenbaum (O Christmas tree)
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
wie treu sind deine Blätter!
Du grünst nicht nur
  zur Sommerzeit,
Nein auch im Winter, wenn es schneit.
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
wie treu sind deine Blätter!

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum!
Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!
Wie oft hat nicht zur Weihnachtszeit
Ein Baum von dir mich hoch erfreut!
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum!
Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!

O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum!
Dein Kleid will mich
  was lehren:
Die Hoffnung und Beständigkeit
Gibt Trost und Kraft
  zu jeder Zeit.
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum!
Das soll dein Kleid
  mich lehren.

for lunch we had salad, bread, sausages, goats milk, and German apple juice.


our craft/dessert was to make gingerbread people.


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I'm a wife to an awesome Army vet, and mother to four daughters and three step-sons! I love to sew. I learned to sew in 4H, and from my Oma while staying with her for a week or two in the summers as a young girl. I love to bake desserts. I would love to live on lots of land and own lots of animals. I've always been drawn to nature which has lead me towards a more natural and healthy lifestyle which I'm finally trying to bring back into my life, and those precious lives around me.
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One Response to Christmas Around the World {Germany}

  1. Tammy says:

    German apple juice! I’ve never heard of such a thing, lol. What a fun lunch. 🙂

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