Autumn Nature Shelf


Not everyone has an actual table to have their spot of nature for the kids to play with, and we are definitely in that category.  My kids LOVE  their Nature Spot!  I pulled out the fall items for our nature table and put them on the top two shelves of this beautiful bookshelf my husband made. The kids are so happy 🙂


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Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park



IMG_20130907_153258_730[1] IMG_20130907_153234_431[1] IMG_20130907_152506_763[1]

I took Felicity to hike around the Arboretum for a couple hours on Saturday.  We met up with 2 of my sisters and some of their kids.  I have not been there before and must say it is so magical!  The weather was perfect and we felt like we were walking in a land of fairies and unicorns.  We will DEFINITELY be getting a family membership as soon as possible! they have a website for more info

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Sorry this video is sideways. I couldn’t figure out how to flip it! oh well, that’s life around here… everything seems upside down, backwards, and sideways sometimes. This is a video of Samantha practicing her presentation on Mississippi last December. Make sure you watch the entire video for a giggle ending!

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The Nest


We moved a couple weeks ago to a house with trees in our back yard.  I’m so excited to have trees!  Felicity climbed one the first day here. (a girl with a free spirit just like get mommy). 
As I walked around the yard today, enjoying the unusually warm weather, a breeze came sneaking into my yard which made some of the leaves fall off the tree. Oh the excitement of leaves swirling down around ones feet! In my enjoyment, I looked up into the branches and saw a birds nest. 


I hope that next spring will bring a bird family to live in our tree.

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Serious Learning


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The Post in the Road


I just LOVE how I have read all these books and know where each off these paths lead to. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I have a way to visit other lands and people for a while, now and then.

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